Thinking of going back to work?
Your child is growing fast, and is becoming more comfortable in the care of others.

You've got the routine down and some days you feel like SuperMom - you could even take on more! 

So the thought of going back to work has crossed your mind a couple of times.

Professional fulfillment, challenge and independance used to light you up - so how does it resonate now? 

If you are thinking of going back to work after having a child, and are faced with some
big questions you're dreading asking yourself, you've come to the right place! 

The co-creative relationship we will build will help to uncover what you really want, what's holding you back and

empower you with strategic
planning solutions to confidently take that next step in your life. 

All of my coaching packages are tailored to your individual needs.

Let's customize your Milestone experience today.